1990 Agua Fresca – WINNER 2022 COMP

1990 Agua Fresca 

2022 Winning COCKTAIL By Ngametua Fatongiatau

1990 Agua Fresca Ngametua Fatongiatau
Ngametua Fatongiatau Winner 2022 Sydney Brewery Cider cocktail competition

Congratulations to Ngametua Fatongiatau from the Hilton, Sydney for winning the 2022 Cocktail Competition with this delicious recipe. 

It takes inspiration from the popular street drink Agua Fresca, which is essentially fresh fruits blended with water, lime and sugar and served over ice for a refreshing beverage.

Paying homage to his Polynesian roots, the drink has elements of coconut and pineapple, making this a refreshing yet moreish beverage.


50ml Berry Coco

30ml Base Spirit (This can be Blanco Tequila, White Rum, Vodka) 

20ml Jamaica Lemon Thyme

15ml St Germain Elderflower

15ml Lime

Top with  Sydney Brewery’s Agave Ginger Cider

Spiced Rock Salt, Lava Salt and Dehydrated Lime Wheel.


Berry Coco
500g fresh strawberries  blended with 1L Golden Circle Pine Coconut Juice, add Pectinex Ultra SPL to clarify, fine strain, bottle and store.

Jamaica Lemon Thyme
Dry roast shredded coconut until toasty and brown and set aside. Make a 2:1 coconut syrup using bottled coconut water as the base. Add toasted coconut and allow to steep whilst mixture is still hot. once mixture has cooled slightly, add the Jamaica (hibiscus flower) and Lemon Thyme and let mixture cool, fine strain and bottle. NB: there will be a layer of fat which can be skimmed off or left – it adds texture to the drink.