Our newest collaboration is here… Sydney.697! Last year Sydney Brewery met with Oscar.697 to create a co-branded product which would combine both brand’s skills, identities and flavours. This was when Sydney. 697 was born. A craft blend of the delicious Sydney Cider with the bitter sweet Oscar.697 Bianco Vermouth.

The packaging has been shaped by Italian Australian designer David Caon and his team at Caon Studios and once again they exceeded our expectations in developing a unique concept.

“For this collaborative release between OSCAR.697 and Sydney Brewery, we sought to highlight the idea of two great things coming together, to create something one of-a-kind. Grounded in the contemporary visual language of OSCAR.697, the concept we are presenting explore a different approach to visualising the ‘coming together’ of elements. In line with OSCAR.697’s branding as the contemporary Italian vermouth, we took inspiration from the work of modernist Italian designers such as Bruno Munari and Massimo Vignelli. The clean, overlapping forms provide a balanced sense of contemporary sleekness and graphic playfulness, appropriate for the desired summer-time launch of the mixed beverage. This concept is inspired by the abstract and organic geometry of liquids. The overlapping shapes in this concept seek to graphically demonstrate the mixing and blending of both Sydney Brewery ciders and OSCAR.697 vermouths.”

The result of this collaboration… a refreshing drink that combines sweet and savoury with just a hint of spice. A perfect choice for laying down at the beach and enjoying summertime with friends.

Produced in a very limited batch of only 3,000 cans, this is only available via Sydney Brewery in Australia.