Sydney Brewery was thrilled to be part of the 2nd annual “Palm Beach Beer Fest”, held at Club Palm Beach on Saturday 23rd January 2016.

Along with the great competition of fellow Aussie breweries, there was a very successful turnout of ladies and gents from the northern beaches..all whom enjoyed a good craft beer.. and even more-so found themselves loving our Sydney Cider and Agave Ginger Cider to refresh from the day’s hot, hot, hot humidity!!

We were serving up our entire packaged range for $5.00 per bottle and some very desirable take-away prices at $10 a 4-pack and $60 a carton.

By 6.00pm the band “Los Skeletone Blues” kicked off their set in the beer garden… and by gee, was it time for a beer!!

We look forward to next year – expect to see us around the northern beaches till then!