The Morning Breeze – Equal 3rd 2022 Comp


2022 Equal 3rd – ELISE HUISMAN

THE MORNING BREEZE equal 3rd 2022 Sydney Cider Cocktail comp

Congratulations to Elise Huisman from Old Mates for placing equal 3rd in the 2022 Cocktail Competition with this fruity and delicious citrus cocktail.


30ml lemon thyme gin
(5g lemon thyme per 150ml infused for 36 hours)

20ml lemon

60ml apple and raspberry juice

30ml mango juice

4 dashes orange blossom water

20ml cider syrup (750ml cider, 60g brown sugar boiled down until 1/7th original volume)

60ml ‘The Original’ Sydney Cider to top