State of Origin Beer tasting Event:

Taste of Origin

It’s Sydney Brewery vs Burleigh Brewing in a State of Origin beer tasting battle!

Join us from 6-8pm for a pre-game state vs state blind beer taste off.

Includes 2 hours of beers, banter, food and giveaways!

$55pp for 6-8pm
option to extend food and beverage package until full time for $25pp


Every beer ordered receives a coloured raffle ticket for the corresponding state (red QLD, blue NSW) that raffle ticket will go in respective bin.
A ticket will be drawn from the winning bucket for each of the following:
Prizes – merch packs & takeaways provided by both Sydney Brewery and Burleigh Brewing




About Burleigh Brewing:

They have built a brand that is known and celebrated nationally and in their own humble, hard-working way, helped to transform the Gold Coast’s independent craft brewing scene into one of the most vibrant and thriving in the country. All brewing, fermenting, maturing, filtering, bottling, canning — and all the other ‘ings’ — are done in their Burleigh Heads brewery.