We achieved great results at the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider show!

Gold Medals x 6

Silver Medals x 12

Bronze Medals x 7


Pale Ale Gold 17.3

Blue Swimmer Summer Ale Gold 17.3

Pilsner Silver 16.9

Dark Lager Silver 16.5

Toucan Session IPA Silver 16.2

Speak Easy Black IPA Bronze 15

East Coast IPA Bronze 14.7

Smooth Talker Porter Bronze 14.7

Lumberjack Rye IPA Bronze 14.5



Pilsner Gold 17.5

Pale Ale Silver 16.8

Dark Lager Silver 16.7

Toucan Session IPA Silver 16.2

Blue Swimmer Summer Ale Silver 16.2

Lager Silver 16

East Coast IPA Silver 16

Smooth Talker Porter Silver 15.8

Speak Easy Black IPA Silver 15

Lumberjack Rye IPA Bronze 15.2

Tropical Pale Ale Bronze 15.2

Amber Ale Bronze 14.5

gold medal Pilsner


Agave Ginger Cider Gold 18

Sydney Cider Gold 17.3

Cherry Perry Gold 17

Manly Perry Silver 16